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Part of a terrain that has been constructed or is meant for construction
House / Descendants / [House] the oldest and noblest of a family
Of the sun or related to it Place to sunbathe

unSOLAR, a place where the house comes to life

unSOLAR is the sustainable housing proposal presented by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia for the Latin America and Caribbean Solar Decathlon 2015. The Project wants to answer to the socio-economic needs of low income families from the tropic, by taking full advantage of the natural resources such as water, sun’s continuous presence and great native diversity of fauna and flora.


Architecture / Habitability

The proposal, from the architectonical design, looks forward to satisfying the needs of a low income 5-member family from the tropic (3 adults and 2 children).

Constructive System

The proposal suggests the possibility if using eco-efficient techniques and technologies in projects of social and priority interest housing, changing the paradigm of residues as waste to residues as raw materials.


The proposal wants to decrease the energy consumption and to promote a saving awareness from home.


A coherent reading of the environment supports the facades configuration while the recovery of the concept of house patio helps the acclimatization.

Resources Use

The proposal seeks to ensure the appropriate use of solar energy, the reuse of water and the stimulation of natural diversity in the tropic.


Is replicated the concept of “patio” or “solar” on a larger scale, offering convergence spaces that include economic, social and environmental aspects, bringing benefits to the community and promoting social harmony and environmental awareness.

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